great idea, let's get to work on it. By the way, Champagne is a region in France where Champagne is made so it has some legitimacy:-)

My friend Nadine Rennert and I have been working on a Manga Opera, the Saga of Blue Wolf, for several years. The project started when I was still hanging out in Berlin. Since I have returned home to France, each year we meet in a different place for a self appointed artist residence. It is my job to find unusual locations. The nicest one was in the Pyrénées : a big garden, a yurt, a bamboo house, a trailor, all solar powered & down to earth. For this location I was even awarded a metal of honour.

photo Antony Hequet Umbria

the Earth Blues

can you hear me crying….

I went to the mountain

I walked down to the river

I went to the mountain

I listened to voice of the water

and the river was crying

and the river was sighing

and the river was crying

the river was singing this song

it says lay your body down

let me roll over your bones

lay your body down

let me rock your soul

I went to the mountain

I wandered thru the trees

I went to the mountain

listened to the voice of the wind in the leaves

and the trees were…

“to be a bird” — Nadine Rennert — Artist

an answer to Thomas Dylan Daniel : “Amercians Don’t Give A Damn About Greatness Anymore”.

The problems we are faced with are way beyond Donald Trump, or even who becomes President of the USA, they are not about “American Greatness”, but they may be related to the American Soul, or more specifically the current depletion of American Soul fulness.

The problems we are faced with are large, they are global, they concern the planet and the entire human population of the world…

The problems we are faced with are fundamental : as long as we pit nation against nation, people…

Umbra sunset

an answer to Patrick Tompkins publication “President provocateur”

The country needs leadership you say; it did get leadership, the leadership it deserves for its indifference and political stupidity. The question is : who does this form a leadership serve…

There is a battle raging, a fire burning which had been smoldering for decades. The battle involves a very small but very powerful oligarchy on one side, and the rest of us on the other side.

Unbridled greed leads only to one possible outcome, a very small group of people have all the wealth & power, while the rest of the…


poet composer singer martial artist

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