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photo Antony Hequet — the Gizio

The Silent Drummer

Low tide five miles dry

deeper than despair

smooth as breasts wept upon

by a generation of fools — cool fools

squeezing every drop out of reality

exquisite precious oblivion

Young men sing it with a rage

they fear their lives won’t last too long

now’s the…

great idea, let's get to work on it. By the way, Champagne is a region in France where Champagne is made so it has some legitimacy:-)

My friend Nadine Rennert and I have been working on a Manga Opera, the Saga of Blue Wolf, for several years. The project started when I was still hanging out in Berlin. Since I have returned home to France, each year we meet in a different place for a self…

photo Antony Hequet Umbria

the Earth Blues

can you hear me crying….

I went to the mountain

I walked down to the river

I went to the mountain

I listened to voice of the water

and the river was crying

and the river was sighing

and the river was crying

the river was singing this song


poet composer singer martial artist

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