all that is true. A lot of Americans have never been rational. I am a dual citizen, raised in France. When I came to America for my last year of high school I was floored by the ignorance, the arrogance, the violence of some of the students and their parents. Some of the students could barely read properly. Math class created anguish and required remedial... If I raised any argument in History or social science class contradicting the American propaganda diffused there, I was immediately threatened with violence. Of course, all I had to do was walk around school with my long hair and European look to be constantly taunted as Frenchy. My career as a senior in Upstate New York high school ended when a big jock from the football team grabbed me by the lapels of my jacket and threatened to beat me up. One clean punch in the solar plexus put an end to that confrontation. He remained laying on the floor while I was pulled off of him and dragged away. Good thing some friends were there to control me because I was in the mood to finish him off after living months of taunts, threats and verbal aggressions. All this violence was solely based on my coming from another culture (France not Africa or Russia) and having my own opinions. America land of the free...

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