Chant of the Goddesses

After staying silent

keeping their peace

their traps shut

for the better part of a Yuga

and that’s a very very long time

the Goddesses finally all started speaking

at the same time, out of the blue

actually they were singing…

wait let me get that right

they were chanting

their voices came from the water

the wells, springs, rivers, lake

sea, ocean, dew, fog and clouds

from everywhere rose their chant

from the trees, the animal spirits

bouncing off canyon walls

bellowing around the mountains

rising to the heavens

resonating in this gigantic cathedral

they were chanting

with heavenly grace and power:

“calling down the rain

from the heavens

wash away my sorrows

calling down the rain

there is too much pain

so let it rain — let it rain

there is too much sorrow

the sun won’t shine tomorrow”

Mother Ganga was riding her crocodile

the one with the dolphin tail

but it was definitely in a crocodile mood

ready to bite a chunk

out of anybody’s ass

who would have the gall

to cross it’s path

And the other Goddesses

were angry too

showing their grim face

what had the world come to

after waiting patiently

for ages — half an eternity

for the #@“(%$*€ humans

to start using them big brains

and stop acting like amoebas

to get off their greedy ways

start caring fo the beautiful earth

the water, the trees, the animals

the insects and the stones…

after waiting patiently forever

now the mighty Goddesses were pissed…

and what were the women doing

once all the yapping had died down

being influencers…

showing off their tits

cooing up to gangsters

drug lords and politicians

even becoming CEOs

joining the police

or the armed forces

where was the love

and where was the healing

maybe it was time for a flood

time to wash this nasty breed

off the surface of the earth


poet composer singer martial artist

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