everything you are saying is spot on, but stop bringing Nietzsche into it; this is completely erroneous interpretation of what he wrote, and I can back it up. Either back up your claims, engage in a debate or desist… It puts a bad taint on all the good work your are doing , and I mean that. Nietzsche is not a Nazi; let’s fight the real Nazis. Part of my family was exterminated by Nazis, and some of the men in my family fought them tooth and nail : my uncle, my father… I want to fight Nazis at least as much as you do, but clarity is of the essence. Some people are writing great stuff about Norse culture and they are being attacked for being pro Nazi… The Nazis coopted Norse culture, Indian swastika, they tried to do it with Greek culture, they invented the Aryan story. This distortion and appropriation is the essence of their gale; you are buying into it by slandering Nietzsche.

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