Excellent point Roxanna, I remember being made aware of the culture versus culture syndrome many years ago in France, when presenting my work as a composer to a a very prestigious institution, the epitome of European music "culture". As I mentioned my interest in harmonic singing, also known as throat singing, I was instantaneously relegated to the "world music" department. This musical practice is often associated with Tuva singers from Mongolia or with Tibetan monks.

I was surprised to hear this disguised rebuke, even shocked... Later I learned to decypher what was behind this a priori judgement : complete ignorance of the musical culture of non European people. European composers love to refer to, borrow, pillage and plunder the music library of the world, but something quickly becomes apparent and audible: they have not the slightest notion of what the other musical cultures are about!

Thank you for bringing it up and making a clear statement about it...

poet composer singer martial artist

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