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  • Nabil Alouani

    Nabil Alouani

    True masters are eternal students.

  • Mike Meyer

    Mike Meyer

    Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

  • Andrew Birley

    Andrew Birley

    Penning musings about whatever pops into my brain. Including stuff about the brain. Very grateful to anyone who drops by, and comments warmly received.

  • Michael Kellman

    Michael Kellman

    Writer, Filmmaker, Comedian, Improviser, Geologist. Top writer in ‘Satire’ and ‘Humor’.

  • marthature


    Award-winning wildlife and nature photographer (, retired from California PUC, EPA, NOAA. Recovering journalist.

  • Stephen


    23, A fledgling Writer. I am committed to countering mainstream rhetorics around race and racism. NO BEING SHOULD BE ACCUSED OF RACISM FOR JUST EXISTING.

  • Jonas Konstantin

    Jonas Konstantin

    Essayist | Ethician | Philosopher | Theologian

  • Colter Whitlock

    Colter Whitlock

    Apprentice Wordsmith.

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