2 min readJun 7, 2020


Umbra sunset

an answer to Patrick Tompkins publication “President provocateur”

The country needs leadership you say; it did get leadership, the leadership it deserves for its indifference and political stupidity. The question is : who does this form a leadership serve…

There is a battle raging, a fire burning which had been smoldering for decades. The battle involves a very small but very powerful oligarchy on one side, and the rest of us on the other side.

Unbridled greed leads only to one possible outcome, a very small group of people have all the wealth & power, while the rest of the world population is reduced to misery, the planet is plundered until there is nothing left but ashes and rubble.

Donal Trump is only the ugly face of greed. There is no real plan or logic behind his actions, unless reducing humanity to misery and slavery at all costs can be called a plan…

He is relying on the madness and the violence of the so called evangelists (thus the bible waving), the neo-nazis, white supremacists, the police (they are doing their part right on cue), and the armed forces (that may be a risky bet), add a sprinkle of fascist bikers and some lunatics like the pathetic Fox News motley crew, to quell rebellion and the spirit of freedom once and for all, send us cowering to our rat holes, subservient, or even worse, indifferent, ad infinitum.

It has been working out pretty decently so far: a few protests, looting and fires are not going to upset the status quo. Donald Trump is provoking chaos and trying to ignite a civil war for a simple reason, he thinks he can come out ahead. In fact, it will take a lot more than angry protests to meet the violence the police, the fascists or the military (if they do not go into open mutiny) are preparing unleash on the population.

There is already a lot of talk about the election being rigged by democrats or progressives, about the streets being dominated by Antifa and anarchists trying to spread chaos, about the need to protect ordinary Americans from these thugs. You can see the fascists preemptively creating these excuses, creating a narrative which will give them good reasons to go into full combat mode.

Given all the good will, non violent, civil disobedience talk I keep hearing , I must wonder for a moment : who is ready to confront them with the necessary force?

Maybe Donald Trump is not that stupid after all…

Greed does not support life, community supports life, or as Martin Luther King once called it: “the solid rock of brotherhood”.