I am in awe each time one of my fellow Americans decides to discuss the “artistic” relevance of one of our popular artists with great EARNESTNESS. Having one foot on each side of the Atlantic (French born, American mother, French father) I find it difficult to take these “artists” as seriously as most Americans do. Jay Z thinks he is a King because he makes a lot of money; so what! He is rich and black: this makes him relevant to comment on a culture which completely eludes him? Study Alexandre Dumas and use his story to gain insight into French bigotry, but please do not project modern American black pop culture on Napoleon and Louis the XIV, it just sounds superficial and irrelevant… Clichés about white male culture are just that:”clichés”; they teach us nothing relevant, they bring no depth to the conversation, they bring no light to the Spirit, nor any darkness…

poet composer singer martial artist

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