I continue to believe that we have the power to take back control over the substance of our lives despite the omnious powers that be. Moreover, the dire situation we find ourselves immersed in holds a great potential: the choices have become very clear cut. The veil of illusion has never been thinner. The time for transformation is Now!

You written many pieces which aptly describe the way things are articulated:

  • controlling the narrative
  • resistance
  • hope
  • spirituality
  • clarity of will

I feel the same way and always get uplifted by your words. Your message ends with a call to Dreamers. Finding specific practical ways to FACE our current survival problems will stem from collaboration, expansion of collective awareness. We need New Dreams…

As a poet and composer there are certain points regarding narrative, creativity, poïesis, which I have been exploring, aiming to gain a better understanding of how it all works. The Power of the Word. I will respond to your call to Dreamers with a short series of essais & poems.

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