it’s not about people and facts being absolutely identical, it’s about the dynamics, the forces at play being similar. People in Europe chose to pretend that Hitler was not really a threat, not really that bad… He was allowed to seize power thru a pseudo democratic process and later revealed his true face. I believe we currently have chosen to lessen the seriousness of certain actions in order to feel safe, thus avoiding having to confront the moral issues. People at Trump, rallies show signs of hysteria and outright racism. Trump himself mocked a man because he was disabled. People pick up weapons and kill other people in America today because they are Jewish or Mexican, and they clearly state that this is related to their devotion to Trump or his influence. People have sent bombs to politicians because they perceive them as a threat and as enemies of their Lord and Master. This is called fascism. How is this substantially different from what happened in Germany between the world wars…

Some of my ancestors died at the hands of such people. My father and my Uncle fought them and were lucky to survive. Thanks to their courage I am alive today and relatively free form this kind of oppression, for now. The people around Trump are spewing the same kind of stupid and nasty bla bla as the hate speeches which lead to the second wold war. You may not see it, you lay chose to dismiss it, but I certainly see it. I also take it very seriously.

In fact, I will stand up to fascists and confront those who support them deliberately or passively.

That being said, I would find it more interesting if you attempted to disprove my point of view with facts rather than dismissing it with scorn. I am interested in exchanging not enganging in a duel of disdain. There is enough of that around, no need to add to the shit pile.

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