The oral traditions of Poetry

My main focus is to explore and revive « The Oral Traditions of Poetry ». This means rediscovering « The Power of the Word ».

Oral poetry is about connecting with the Logos, the AOM, the sound vibration which once set the cycle of manifested life into motion.

Almost all cultures share a common principle in their mythological cosmologies: « Kosmos » emerged from « Kaos » thru the influence of a sound vibration.

Quoting from the Bible: In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Word is also known as Logos…

Pranava Yoga — Divine Word Meditation teaches us how breathing and meditation with the subtle AOM vibration connects us with all of creation. “God is the Syllable AOM” (Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:17)

The Aboriginals of Australia have a very poetic Myth of Creation which is built around the Song Lines also called Dreaming Tracks. In the beginning, called Dream Time, the Land had no shape. Mythical beings rose from the sea and the land and travelled along the Song Lines naming — singing things into existence. It is an initiated man’s duty to travel the Song Line which he belongs to, naming — singing just as the ancestor did in order to preserve the harmony of creation.

All of these myths teach us that humans may participate in the harmony of creation thru « the Power of the Word ».

The many and varied human cultures have been transmitting sacred knowledge and wisdom thru the performance of Myths — Sagas — Poems. Ritualistic performances include poetry — music — dance — costumes — totems… These enactments of myths have been essential to our survival and have shaped our evolution from the beginning of the « Cognitive Revolution »… Seventy thousand years ago the sudden development of a complex articulated language, made it possible for homo sapiens to converse about abstractions.

The power of the myths goes beyond the Word content. The voice and musical instruments influence the cosmos thru resonance. The movements of the body in dance and theatre are a coded language which allow to transform our reality by playing with energy. Masks and totems and objects such as rune also have a magical influence. More about this later in a more thorough presentation…

One message that emerged from dwelling on such matters: I am not powerless, I may take responsibility for the state of the world and make a meaningful contribution. Thru the Power of the Word I may become an active part of the much needed re-harmonisation.

Given the importance of Sagas, I decided that writing one would be a nice step in taking responsibility and making a contribution.

I am in the process of writing the Blue Wolf Saga.


poet composer singer martial artist

poet composer singer martial artist