Placid Fury

I drift in sounds of rubber beauty

in worlds of oil and cars of money

I walk in marches of long journey

along the walls in by the alley

I sing the songs of irony

tin foil paper and paper money

I sail the rivers of gutter streams

with paper boats and water dreams

I paint the walls of the grey city

with silver words of placid fury

I break the windows of acid lights

them flying bottles and street fights

I dream the dreams of the coming sun

in the sparkling eye of a lonely bum

I sit for days in fallout shelters

backyard cars and shopping centres

I work in pants of heavy duty

justice law and liberty

I push the carts of tragedy

bloody bodies and infantry

I fight the wars of destiny

with golden hands which show no mercy

I think the thoughts of the guitar

with spinning eyes they search so far

and while the days go bye in sound

I stand and reach and fall unwound

I drift in sounds of rubber beauty…


poet composer singer martial artist

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