thank you for your response, if you sincerely wish to know what I mean, you may want to start by not assuming that my English is difecient just because you are not familiar with my way of using language. Actually by assuming this stance you are demonstrating what I am trying to convey to you: by setting your self above you exclude without discernment. Yes America is populated with retrogressive people holding very strange ideologies. By ignoring them you are not solving the problem. In fact you are mimicking their behaviour by taking solace in floating in your own safe bubble with people who hold beliefs similar to your own. Regressive faith faking fascists who brandish cancel culture is poetic language (I am a poet) … Translation : Evangelists who pretend to be preaching the Gospels while pushing a fascist agenda. These people have been using a gross ruse to keep the upper hand in public discourse : they pretend that progressives are the fascists because they try to exclude their opinions thru various methods now grouped under the label : “cancel culture”. I believe your attitude about people who hold opinions and profess beliefs different from your own helps validate this gross ruse… I prefer to be on forums where there are even downright fascists and neo nazis because I need to understand what they are thinking. I am also interested in engaging with many various people in order to initiate dialog. I believe this may be enlightening for all involved. Given the Coventry excursion I presume your are Brittish. I will gladly learn some proper English from you should you be kind enough to address in a kind tone. I believe good manners are part of your culture, whereas vulgarity is the tone in America…

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