The Black Dragon of Doom

This is a story that is not a story, never was a story and never will become a story.

I am the Black Dragon of Doom, the envoy of Surt, Lord of Fire, Doom and Destruction…

I slipped into your world thru the source of the River Dream, the source located at one of the three roots of Yggdrasil. I crawled up the root which is directly connected to Hel, Kaos and Fire. Hello there, I have always been your worst Night Mare, the snake, the sly one, the slimmy slithering one, the whisper of temptation, the proponent of greed, the dark face of fear… I am the cunning one: science devoid of conscience; follow me, I will lead you into the mean & lean, the down & dirty, the very Real Brutal Material Nasty world. You left the garden — stepped into the battle field, abandoned the world of Poetry to discover the Fantastic world of Advertisement.

You were not always as miserly and mean as you have now become. In fact, you even started out in “Grand Style”. You were granted all the blessings, all the gifts of creation were bestowed upon you: the Earth, the Water, the Sky, the Sun, the myriads of plants and animal species, precious stones, mountains of granite, marble caves. The stars brought your their light, their inspiration, their myths, their creatures and their dust. You were given the waters of life: the source of wisdom, the dew drop on the lovely flower and the tears of the Maiden, the lake of stillness and the torrent of ardour; you were given the Oceans, each equipped with its own cosmic gyre…..

Best of and most precious of all, you were imbued with the creative Spirit: Poïesis, the active imagination allowing you to rejoice when you beheld these wondrous gifts. You sang, you danced, you were ecstatic and pulled the beauty, the secret source of life’s wonders very close to your heart.

Then you blew it, it all went to Hel; you did manage to survive in your shallow and cruel way, in your miserly and brutal fashion. Now I have returned to take you down, to do you in, to get rid of you once and for all, swallow you like a giant black hole, atomise your Spirit, reduce you to Eternal Oblivion, the only place you belong.

I am the Black Dragon of Doom…

I have come to bless your guns, consecrate your semi automatic rifles, I have come to guide your missiles and mess up you mind, I am here to multiply your bombs, fill your limbs with death lust, entice you to wage war as long as you can launch weapons of mass destruction from a safe distance, for you are my pride and glory, the sons of my twisted evil imagination, you are the biggest cowards that ever crawled on the surface of this earth. I have blown on the glowing embers of your mad souls and started the devastating fire which consumes all reason, all beauty and all meaning. I have replaced your dances, your songs and rituals with MUSAK produced by bots, created virtual worlds, artificial hearts, robot lovers. Best of all, I replaced the Spirit with little algorithms of so called « Artificial Intelligence ». I have been working you over for centuries, leaving you with the compassionate heart of a deep freezer.

Soon my work here will done, your world reduced to ashes, rubble, chaos… I will move on to other worlds, hoping to find other creatures as gullible, shallow and mean as yourselves. Nevertheless, I will be curious to see what grows back on the land you have so aptly destroyed with your selfishness, your apathy and your greed…


poet composer singer martial artist

poet composer singer martial artist