The Silent Drummer

1 min readJun 6, 2021
photo Antony Hequet — the Gizio

The Silent Drummer

Low tide five miles dry

deeper than despair

smooth as breasts wept upon

by a generation of fools — cool fools

squeezing every drop out of reality

exquisite precious oblivion

Young men sing it with a rage

they fear their lives won’t last too long

now’s the time to move along…

Sometime I too suffer this disease

future shock, hit me with a rock

but I know there is no future

for I am the Silent Drummer

this endless time of instant memory

which plays softly within me

sometimes in simple sorrow

the murmur of the creek

roar of the shadows

in a New York City street

rage and bloody teeth

disbanding governments

burning borders in delight

playing the war drums

of Asia and Africa

Paris and Philadelphia

Philharmonic orchestra

escaping only

very narrowly

total destruction

to sing the songs of time

with no end and no beginning