The Soul of America

“to be a bird” — Nadine Rennert — Artist

an answer to Thomas Dylan Daniel : “Amercians Don’t Give A Damn About Greatness Anymore”.

The problems we are faced with are way beyond Donald Trump, or even who becomes President of the USA, they are not about “American Greatness”, but they may be related to the American Soul, or more specifically the current depletion of American Soul fulness.

The problems we are faced with are large, they are global, they concern the planet and the entire human population of the world…

The problems we are faced with are fundamental : as long as we pit nation against nation, people against other people, we will find no solution. The limitless resources we pour into military endeavors, conquering and maintaining our boot on the neck of other nations in order to control the riches of the world, have made America into a miserable nation. Some have benefited and grown very wealthy indeed, most have become miserable. But the economic disaster is not the worst part, the young women & men who are deployed around the globe in order to feed the Golem are returning with shattered psyches & battered Souls.

The problems we are faced with regard the American Soul…

Within the United States, the current confrontations created by police brutality, or more specifically the racist behavior of the police, are another face of our fundamental problem.

America was built on the sweat & blood of the negroes and they got little or nothing in return. They fought in the wars, they built the country but they are still not full citizens of this country.

Once again the hidden damage is the worst part, yes the negroes suffered and continue to suffer superlative forms of injustice and brutality, but as James Baldwin pointed out, the people who promoted this oppression & who continue to hang on to their racist ideology, these people have collectively shattered their souls…

The problems we are faced with regard the American Soul…

The people who have lived the longest on this land we call the United States of America, have been reduced to abject misery; after massacring them, deporting them, steeling their land, we have reneged on every treaty we made with the Native Americans. They too fought in our wars and gave their blood to build America, yet today they barely exist as citizens of this country. Try to imagine what this really has done to our Soul.

The problems we are faced with regard the American Soul…

And now the entire population who has built this country, dug out the coal, extracted and furnaced the steel, built the cars, is jobless, hooked on various dangerous drugs, living in destroyed cities and apocalyptic post industrial landscapes, the very heart of America is now miserable and angry. No democratic party is going to fix it. The jobs are now in China, our latest reviled rival and arch enemy, created by corporations seeking greater profits.

Building a world on greed, exploitation, extraction of wealth so called “development”, leads only to what we see: the destruction of the planet which is the source of Life, and moreover, to the incremental destruction of the Soul.

The problems we are faced with regard the American Soul…

America is not a flag, nor is it a dream, it is not even our beloved Constitution (largely inspired by a precedent Native American Consitution), it is a struggle for Freedom, a struggle for the liberation of the Human Soul.

We, the American people, are a microcosm of the planet. When we find the way back to our Soul, then maybe we may shine a speck of greatness into the world, inspire others by creating a precedent.

This is our “Moment of Truth” we have been challenged to re-ignite. the Soul of America.

photo Antony Hequet — Umbra collection

poet composer singer martial artist

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