The time is now

I am the Rebel

the Song of the Soul

the Voice of the Blood

The time is now

I am passion

stirring the spirit

back to life

The time is now

the time for action

the time for revolution

break away from the illusion

The masks have fallen

the veil has been lifted

the monsters are in the open

the monsters are in plain sight

the monster Fear

the monster Greed the monster Selfishness

and all the little monsters

the three big Monsters breed

loneliness apathy

cowardliness slavery

small mindedness bigotry

meanness hypocrisy

pettiness plutocracy

callousness cruelty

have we not had enough

enough enough enough

The time has come

the time is now

this is the time for revolution

we chose our own way

break out from the delusion

every woman & every man

free to create their own destiny

we look up to the stars & we dream

escaping from this world of drudgery

I look into my heart

I call upon my soul

I listen to the voice of my blood

singing loud & clear :

free yourself from false boundaries

rediscover what is real

the land the water

the dancing trees

feed your soul

with music

fill your heart with praise

show gratitude for your many gifts

listen to the whisper

of the Spirits

The time has come

the time is now

the time for revolution

breaking thru the delusion

time to find out

what life is really all about

explore the earth

discover the ways

of the many people

scrutinize the skies

sing & dance to the music

The time has come

the time is now

the time for revolution

lift the veil of illusion

our rule has been

rape pillage & plunder

we have brought war

chaos & destruction

in the name of God

be it Christ or Allah

even Buddha

Dollar Democracy

Profit or Technology

We shall not be saved

by false magic

or Technology

we will not move to Mars

not even to orbital stations

we will not get to transfer

our soul or our spirit

onto microchips

we will stay right here

on Earth

to deal with the damage

we have done

to work it out with

our sisters & our brothers

The time has come

the time is now

the time for revolution

time to see thru

the veil of illusion

learn to be still & silent

so I may hear the many voices

singing the tales of life

the voice of water

the voice of trees

the voice stone

so I may learn my ancestry

learn to contemplate

learn to rejoice

to be satisfied

joigning my voice

to the many

singing the songs

of freedom

born from

the Sea


poet composer singer martial artist

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