there certainly is a big difference but not all liberals are free of victimhood, and they do cancel people for reasons that are more than questionable. My point is not to deny what you brought up about Republican cooks equating masks mandates and holocaust. Some of my family members where victims of the holocaust and my father attended a concentration camp because he fought the Nazis… Your points are more than valid, they must be brought up and underlined. What I am pointing out is that liberals are also using distortions of the truth to support their own agendas. Regarding the vague rhetoric, I am making a comment, not writing an article… On the other hand maybe you gave me a subject. Your reaction shows how easy it is for a comment to be perceived as an attack; the response to a comlent easily falls into the us against them category. There are people who defend neither so called liberals nor republicans. The world is not binary.

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