Well put and an important point. As an artist I am often confronted with is… Recently it dawned on me that I loathe the very idea of anyone having the power to decide wether my art is worthy or not, just because they have money or control over money. This does not give them the required culture, wisdom, knowledge, to make an informed judgement.

And this thought extends way beyond my personal case or even the point you made about Philanthropy. We live in a world of Power & Control, where some people have appropriated the right to decide for others. Elon Musk, Bezos, are spending fortunes to setup space exploration programs when we should obviously be funding the preservation of mother earth’s resources. Why do they get to decide our future: are they wise, are they informed, should any single human being have such power?

With the incredible wealth of intelligence available to us : scientists, philosophers, poets, visionary people, why should two overgrown teen agers get to act out their space cadet fantasies?

What’s more, intelligence is everywhere : farmers, truck drivers, doctors, hoboes, gogo dancers (non exhaustive list), everyone has a say in the future of humanity and some wisdom to contribute to the common good.



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