Well, this is interesting..

I am handicapped (missing a foot from a bike accident), and I concur that by applying the rule of not letting myself become of victim I have had very few opportunities to experience any form of agression, and that’s over a period of 40 years; when people attempted to harass me I was very straight forward, and sometimes even rough, or I just smiled when appropriate.

Where I disagree is the generalisation, there is a tendency in America for this victimisation, but it does not ecompass the whole expereince of being American. There is a lot of violence in our country and it is easy to be targeted for the most stupid reasons : having long hair, being born in anther country, having opinions which differ from the accepted norm. I have been thru a few experiences of agression for these reasons, and sometimes these agressions were serious; some even turned into genuine fights.

So what about the real Nazis, and the real black people getting shot, and the real gays getting kicked around. What about the women that get raped or simply mis treated; are they all imaginary victims?

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