who says i cannot provide them? i just do not see the necessity. The tone you have adopted from the get go is dismissive and obtrusive. Would you like me to give you a full account? I must admit that I mor than slightly annoyed by your tone and attitude. You see accusations where i just see the statement of an aopinion. So called liberals are becoming oppresive, just read a few articles outside of your “milieu” and pool of opinion. This is causing some very smart fascists to become very popular amongst people who feel put upon. Because there are people out there who in the name of defending their cause, become aggressive and mistreat people who happen to question their opinions or their method: just like you are doing to me. You disagree with my point of view, you would like me to elaborate. Just say so in a decent tone and I will oblige, accuse of making it up because I am not giving you the detailas and I will ot oblige. Be decent and moderate, and i will be more tha happy to have a dialogue. What ground do you have to stand on to accuse me of pseudo victimasation. Keep it up and I will shame you like you have never been shamed before… And now I am really pissed!

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