you address a really important question. Because many so called “progressives” have unleashed their wrath and given up all restraint they actually work against their own cause. The fascists, misogynists and other ultra conservatives can portay them as being unenlightened, regressive, and even fascists.

Unfortuately in this case these manipulative fascists are marginally right.

I have seen it in action over and over again. You do not have to grope anyone to lose your job, you just need to uphold opinions that go against the unsubtle politically correct agenda. I lost two teaching jobs in a row which were essential to my survival because I questionned this politically correct agenda.

The fact that i was able to support my point of view with strong arguments played against me: I was portrayed as a bully abusing his authority; being a senior white male, with a powerful voice and public speaking skills, is seen as threatening and inherently abusive. This is a new form of racism directed against senior white males…

I could go on about this and I will in a separate article because it is becoming important to regain some clarity on these matters


poet composer singer martial artist

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poet composer singer martial artist