You brought up an essential point but I am not sure that you have offered an effective solution. How do you propose to effectively move the conservatives to the kiddy table? Will you ask them politely. Do you think they can simply be ignored or maybe voted out? What happens when the more conservative democrats come to power, are they any better? Are they not proposing endless war with China and Russia; how smart is that?

My experience with reactionaries has taught me that they respect only strength and ultimatly violence. We are held back by our decency but gentelmanly behaviour should only be upheld with gentlemen. With morons and brutes these rules no longer apply.

They are destroying the very sources of live, we cannot let them do that! At this point there are no more rules of decency, only rules of survival. We do not have to revert to pure bestiality, we may use cunning, strategy, intelligence, flexibility, speed, all things taught and practiced in martial arts of the internal variety imported from China and elsewhere… At some point we will have to deal with them on the field.

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