Oct 24

mask and model Nadine Rennert

Mother Moon


in your hair


in your soul

on your skin

in your eyes


in my heart


growing in stillness


born from the void


of dust (kosmic dust)

dancing to the pulse

of dying stars

my spirit reborn

Resting in the arms

of Draco Constellation




Jul 30

eXtinction Rebellion Red Brigade

Baptise me with Fire

purify my Soul

baptise me with Fire

falling from the Sky

brewing in the molten Core

Baptise me with Lightning

baptise me with Thunder

beating on the Drums of Doom

I dance around the glowing Embers

Baptise me with Fire

burning in my Heart

roaring Fires…



Nov 12, 2021

The wolf stirred in my gut

Then the Tiger

From Siberia

Found a way

To my heart

… I knew Majesty

Followed many more

On a rampage

Chaos in my soul

A lynx then a snowy owl

Furtive silent as death

So many more

Scarcely time

To catch but




Oct 7, 2021


Older than time living memory

She is

Fire in the heart flight of the soul

She breathes

Whisper of the wind chant of the water

She sings

Wisdom of the tree for the skald
She dances

Buried in the stone deep in the core

She dreams

Soil of the…



May 30, 2021

Gizio photo Antony Hequet

let me whisper with the Wind

let me flow with the River

let me sing with the Birds

let me dance with the Trees

free my soul

free my soul

let me roam wi the Great Bear

let me howl with the Wolf

let me talk with the Moon




we are now fully grown up, we do not need mothers and fathers deciding our collective fate, we now take full responsibility for our future. This means we take back our power from politicians, no more representatives, we act in person. Thank you Senator Sinema for showing us the trutj…